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Untouched Yet Ruined: The Toll Of South Korea’s Spy-cam Epidemic

NAKED x ADIDAS ARKYN BOOST - 블로그 A DAD who shares a PlayStation 4 with his seven-year-old son has told how he was shocked after being sent photos of a naked woman while playing on the console. While I was there, I went through one of the trainings they offer—a cam girl boot camp, naked-beautiful-women-having-sex so to speak. All behavioral testing was carried out in a fully randomized order, choosing fish at random from one of the ten housing tanks for testing. According to news reports last year, an extremely active adult website user, who turned out to be a government employee, dramatically failed to keep his hobby outside of the workplace. Last year, we discovered a number of malicious samples that were specifically hunting for credentials to access some of the most popular pornographic websites. We examined malware disguised as pornographic content, and malware that hunts for credentials to access pornography websites. Based on the data we were able to collect, in 2017 there were 27 variations of bots, belonging to three families of banking Trojans, attempting to steal credentials (Betabot, Neverquest and Panda). Instead, they focus on just two: mostly Pornhub and XNXX, whose users were targeted by bots belonging to the Jimmy malware family.

These Trojans were after credentials to accounts for 10 famous adult content websites (Brazzers, Chaturbate, Pornhub, Myfreecams, Youporn, Wilshing, Motherless, XNXX, X-videos). In order to view the content, the user is asked to enter their payment credentials. As the victim enters their password, the threat actor captures the credentials to the user’s social network account. Subsequently, we ran those tags against our database of threats and through the Kaspersky Security Network databases and figured out which of them were used in malicious attacks and how often. By accessing more than 9,000 web pages with adult content, he compromised his device and subsequently infected the entire network with malware, leaving it vulnerable to spyware attacks. In Q4, 2017, the overall number of attempts to access phishing pages pretending to be one of the listed websites was 1,608. Within a year, in Q4 2018, the number of such attempts (21,902) was more than ten times higher. The number of attacks almost tripled, to 850,000 infection attempts. In Q4 2018, there were 10 times as many attacks coming from phishing websites pretending to be popular adult content resources, compared to Q4 2017 when the overall figure reached 21,902 attacks. That is 36% less than in 2017 when more than a million of these attacks were detected.

It turned out that in 2017 our products stopped more than a million users from attempting to install malware from websites on the list. "I switched out the rounds in the gun-case you kept under your bed with blanks. But 3 girls webcam feel him. I feel like there isn’t much of an upstart cost for the guys to be honest. There are no additional fees for this service and we hope you take advantage of this free cam to cam service. Moreover, most search engines usually successfully block such phishing pages, so the most likely way to access them is through phishing or spam e-mails, or by being redirected there by malware or a malicious frame on another website. For example, to access an alleged adult video, the phishing page requires the user to download and update a video player. This is achieved by playing the video online or for free only after the user agrees to install a malicious file disguised as a software update or something similar.

lot of popularity through images going viral on sites like Register on MyDirtyhobby now and start enjoying our adult webcams and video chat as well as premium porn clips featuring some of the most raunchy amateurs and pornstars from Europe, North America and beyond. The king among kings of the porn world, Pornhub has an extensive video library running the gamut from grainy cell phone amateur smut to high-def, red-carpet style glamour porn. A ‘porn tag’ is a special term that is used to easily identify content from a specific pornographic video genre. It was almost inevitable that adult content would become an important tool for them. For example, one of the most adult-content friendly platforms - Tumblr - announced it was banning erotic content (even though almost a quarter of its users consume adult content). This means that even in a niche area, such as pornographic content and websites, changes are possible. Following technical changes in how we detect and analyze mobile malware, we amended our methodology for this report. Moving forward, the overall picture surrounding porn-disguised threat types showed more changes in 2018 when compared to 2017. In 2018, we saw 57 variations of threats disguised as famous porn tags, from 642 families. This is basically the Library of Congress of Porn.