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150,000 per patient for a 12-week treatment, curing every Canadian infected with HCV would cost on the order of tens of billions of dollars, Houghton estimates. Houghton isn't out to blame Big Pharma. In the years since discovering the virus, the U.K.-born Houghton has led efforts at the U of A's Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology to create the world's first vaccine capable of protecting the body from all strains of HCV. Tyrrell, too, is one of the world's leading authorities on viral hepatitis. Taking new medicines such as the hepatitis C antivirals Solvadi or Harvoni from the lab to a patient's bedside is a complicated process in Canada. Rising drug costs are a major concern for governments and health-care systems across Canada. 28.8 billion in 2014—representing 13.4 per cent of all health-care spending. But there are also hard realities for Canadians and our provincially run health-care systems. A friend of the family recently lost his father due to hep C complications, and she fears working Canadians without employer-provided or private health insurance will fall through the cracks.

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If their phase 1 clinical trial succeeds, the vaccine will prevent 500,000 new infections estimated to happen every year. A year ago, McClure qualified for a clinical trial for hep C patients who have received liver transplants. Edmontonian Jack McClure knows he's one of the lucky ones—and this coming from a guy who fought through liver cancer and underwent a transplant with complications so severe his second liver nearly failed. The survey also found that people who feel discriminated against for any reason - like their sexuality or a disability - were more likely to feel lonely. One of the major challenges with hepatitis C is many people don't know they are carriers for years—sometimes decades—after becoming infected, often learning of their diagnosis after showing symptoms of liver damage. Many people around the world live out their fantasies online in lesbian sex gif chatrooms and naughty live cam sites. Bring out the fun board games and engage in a little friendly competition or simply sit back, relax and enjoy one another with no distractions (that means, no television watching).

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