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This isn't to say that dribbling isn't a valuable trait when executed successfully, just that its aesthetic appeal doesn't quite match with its effectiveness. Even a successful dribble is happening at the expense of more dynamic and likely more dangerous ball movement.

However, you can only play against what's in front of you, and they repeatedly ripped Liverpool to shreds. All the post-game talk concerning whether or not Harry Kane is StewartTr vfl wolfsburg auswärtstrikot EMSAnnett in fact that kind of player and whether or not the VAR took a poorly timed early-evening nap during the first half distracted from just how well Spurs played. Given the balance of chances, they norge bortedrakt were really unlucky not to win the match.

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A 2011 study by the analyst Mark Taylor found that over the course of a match a team will lose 1.45 goals by some combination of their StewartTr vfl wolfsburg auswärtstrikot EMSAnnett declines at both ends of the field. So, if full-strength Atalanta were favored by 1.7 goals, then a 10-man Atalanta would still be favored, but by 0.25 goals.

This reliance is starting to catch up with Fernandes, who must be absolutely knackered. It shows in the fact he has scored only twice in his last 14 matches for United - penalties in the away wins over Manchester City and Granada.