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The application of traditional Asian terms such as "heating" and "cooling" to Western herbs is in its infancy, and thus classification may be imprecise or subject to debate. The foods most likely implicated in the Western diseases (see introduction) are sugar, refined flour, and refined oils, and margarine. Abandonment of the modern diet in favor of a whole foods diet is essential in the treatment of lupus. Refined omega-six oils and margarine combined with a relative deficiency of omega-3 oils, such as appear in fish and Cam chat Adult wild game, can lead to prostaglandin imbalances that favor the inflammatory response. It is the author's experience that flax oil and other omega-3 oils from vegetable sources are usually ineffective in treating inflammatory conditions, despite their popularity among customers of health foods stores. Despite a celebrity's popularity all over the world, celebrity status people follow a number of tactics that attract people to their Facebook pages. Women are attracted to red on men, too, since, as The Huffington Post argues, it signals status.

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A history of suppression of symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs is the rule in lupus patients, even if they are currently refusing recommended steroids or chemotherapy agents. One of the five patients in this study reported that taking echinacea would make her lupus symptoms worse. All five SLE patients in this demonstrated severe allergies to dairy and/or wheat, confirmed by removal from the diet and rechallenge. Food allergies may be either a cause or a consequence of the leaky gut syndrome. Fasting and reintroduction of suspected foods may dramatically demonstrate to both practitioner and patient the importance of food allergies to the presenting symptom picture. Amounts might be modified and other herbs added to the formula, depending on the presenting picture. A gut-healing strategy might include demulcent, antiinflammatory, and carminative herbs. During exacerbations, the stronger artemisia species might be used following the same "heat-clearing" strategy that conventional medicine applies with antimalarial drugs. Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) is used in China as an antimalarial, and also used for exacerbations of SLE. Heath retired as chairman of his department in 1980, after 31 years at the helm, although he continued working for some years afterwards. Left out year round for three years.

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