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He made a decision to aid the poet and activist Octavian Goga, who, just after questioning ethnic guidelines in Transleithania, had been jailed by Hungarian authorities-crafting for Universul, Caragiale stressed that these types of persecutions carried the risk of escalating tensions in the region. Strabo, the poet Dionysius, Pliny, Solinus and Pomponius Mela considered that the Caspian Sea opened out into this gulf, this thought getting recommended potentially by the somewhat extensive lake from which the Obi River flows. Per hunc sinum mare Caspium erumpere crediderunt Strabo, Dionysius poeta, Plinius, Solinus et Pomponius Mela, fortasse lacu illo non exiguo, qui Obi fluvium effundit, opinionem suggerente. Hic mare est dulcium aquarum, cujus terminum ignorari Canadenses ex relatu Saguenaiensium aiunt. Hic polum magnetis esse et perfectissimum magnetem qui reliquos ad se trahat certis rationibus colligitur, primo meridiano quem posui concesso . Hic erit polus maguetis, si meridianus for each insulam Corvi primus dici debeat. Nova Guinea quae ab Andrea Corsali Florentino videtur dici Terra de piccinacoli. Anno 1534 duce classis Jacobo Cartier lustrata fuit nova Francia et proximo anno regi Galliae conquiri coepit. Tenduc regnum in quo Christiani ex posteritate Presbiteri Joannis regnabant tempore M. Pauli Ven: anno D. I290.

In septentrionalibus partibus Bargu insulae sunt, inquit M. Paulus Ven: lib.1, cap.61, quae tantum vergunt ad aquilonem, Biggirlpussy.Com ut polus arcticus illis videatur advertisement meridiem deflectere. Anno Domini 1500 Gaspar Corterealis Portogalensis navigavit advert has terras sperans a parte septentrionali invenire transitum advert insulas Moluccas, perveniens autem advert fluvium quem a devectis nivibus vocant Rio nevado, propter ingens frigus altius in septentrionem pergere destitit, perlustravit autem littora in meridiem usque ad C. Razo. Anno 1524 Joannes Verrazzanus Florentinus nomine regis Gall: Francisci primi ex portu Diepa profectus 17 Martii advert littus meridionale novae Fraciae pervenit circa 34 gradum latitud: atque inde compared to orientem omne littus perlustravit usque ad Britonum promontorium. Anno 1504 Britones primi ioveoerunt littora novae Franciae circa ostia sinus S. Laurentii. Anno D. 1492, eleven Octobris Christophorus Columbus novam Indian nomine regis Castellae detexit, prima terra quam conquisivit fuit Haiti. The very first land conquered by him was Haiti. It is right here that the magnetic pole lies if the meridian which passes by means of the Isle of Corvo be regarded as as the initially. At this area, on a mountain, are established two flute-players in bronze who likely have been place right here by the Tartars as an eternal memorial of the attainment of their freedom at the spot at which, by crossing some extremely large mountains, they entered countries wherever they located better basic safety.

forty five. For now, alas, not secretly nor below cover, but openly, with all feeling of shame place aside, now by word once more by writings, by theatrical productions of every single sort, by romantic fiction, by amorous and frivolous novels, by cinematographs portraying in vivid scene, in addresses broadcast by radio telephony, in brief by all the innovations of present day science, the sanctity of relationship is trampled upon and derided divorce, adultery, all the basest vices possibly are extolled or at minimum are depicted in these types of colors as to appear to be cost-free of all reproach and infamy. If he paid out his way at the meal, then that would appear to be to put this worry to relaxation. Charybdis which each and every six hrs engulfs the waters and then casts them forth with a terrible clamour. So we went on our bellies via the hedge like crocodiles and surrounded them, and then dashed into the center, scattering the fire and batting their tabs and snatching up all there was to consume, then running off more than Cherry Orchard fields into the wood, with a person chasing us who'd occur up while we have been ransacking their picnic.

It was discontinued in October 1878 Clifton Common Tram Accident On sixteenth October 1915, there was an accident at Clifton Common when a stable-tyred Daimler motor bus - the 9:40 pm from Morley, through Cleckheaton, to Brighouse - careered down the hill, killing three persons and injuring numerous many others Clifton Common Viaduct Carried the railway line for Brighouse Clifton Road Station. 2 and was established in the Grand Hyatt, a lodge fronting on Forty-2nd Street adjacent to Grand Central Station. It maintains its sweet waters in the sea for forty leagues from the coast. The Sala or Bachu Sea, the Chualenske additional of the Ruthenians, previously Caspian and Hircanian Sea. Here is the sea of sweet waters, of which, according to the report of the inhabitants of Saguenai, the Canadians say that the limitations are unknown. From confident calculations it is below that lies the magnetic pole and the extremely great magnet which attracts to by itself all other people, it becoming assumed that the primary meridian be in which I have put it. In the calendar year 1534, Jacques Cartier remaining leader of the fleet, New France was examined and, in the following calendar year, its conquest for the King of France was carried out.

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