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In certain embodiments, a variant will contain conservative substitutions. In certain preferred embodiments, the antibody is a humanized antibody (such as a humanized monoclonal antibody) that specifically binds to a surface protein on a tumor cell. In particular embodiments, CARs contemplated herein comprise an extracellular binding domain that specifically binds to a target polypeptide, e.g, target antigen, expressed on tumor cell. In preferred embodiments, a CAR contemplated herein comprises antigen-specific binding domain that is an scFv (a murine, human or humanized scFv) that binds an antigen expressed on a cancer cell. In particular preferred embodiments, a CAR contemplated herein comprises antigen-specific binding domain that is a chimeric antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof. For example, in particular embodiments, it may be desirable to improve the binding affinity and/or other biological properties of the engineered TCRs or CARs by introducing one or more substitutions, deletions, additions and/or insertions. Libraries of TCRs may be screened for their selectivity to particular target antigens.

In preferred embodiments, the engineered TCR is an exogenous TCR because it is introduced into T cells that do not normally express the particular TCR. The T cell manufacturing methods contemplated are particularly useful for expanding T cells modified to express high affinity T cell receptors (engineered TCRs) or chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) without a concomitant increase in the differentiation of these modified T cells. The T cell manufacturing methods contemplated herein include modifying T cells to express one or more CARs as contemplated herein. In one embodiment, the CARs contemplated herein comprise a TM domain derived from CD8.alpha.. In another embodiment, a CAR contemplated herein comprises a TM domain derived from CD8.alpha. NY-ESO-1, IL-11R.alpha., IL-13R.alpha.2, Lambda, Lewis-Y, Kappa, Mesothelin, Muc1, Muc16, NCAM, NKG2D Ligands, NY-ESO-1, PRAME, PSCA, PSMA, ROR1, SSX, Survivin, TAG72, TEMs, and VEGFR2 polypeptide; a hinge domain comprising a CD8.alpha. The hinge domain can include the amino acid sequence of a naturally occurring immunoglobulin hinge region or an altered immunoglobulin hinge region. The hinge domain may be derived either from a natural, synthetic, semi-synthetic, or recombinant source.

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